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New Course for Members:

New Course for Members: “Video Website Silo Architecture”

themezoom s insight:Here is the whole article:

Creative Content Marketing Strategy: Best Brand Examples

Open University, Corning and SAP have been killing it with optimized, creative content marketing. Learn from their most successful campaigns.

Level343s insight:Three Steps to Creative Content Marketing Success Successful creative content marketing strategies have three distinct considerations, as Lee has often pointed out: Discovery – Businesses understand how does their audience finds content. Consumption – Brands optimize for an experience that resonates with their audience. Action – Companies inspire their audience to take action, effectively converting social fans and prospects to buyers.

Is Multinational SEO Dead? No, But Its Changing…

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the term “SEO” and what it really means today.After a record run of attending conferences ranging from San Jose, Toronto, London and Leeds (soon to be joined by Seattle and Riga),I’vebecome very conscious…

Level343s insight:For example, I no longer believe it makes sense for any company to roll out an international SEO programme to multiple countries without also having a PPC campaign in place. In some cases, we would recommend leading with PPC and landing pages first, rather than full blown (and relatively expensive) international SEO.

Using Googles Search Operators to Drill Deep

Whether youre doing a site audit, keyword research or checking up on your competition, sometimes youll find yourself looking for particular items that may at first seem difficult or very time con…

The Ballad of Connie and Clive – a Social Media Romance

A social media melodrama about a consultant, a client and a mysterious visitor.

Ray Hiltzs insight:A nit of fun reading for the weekend. :-)

Google Plus Search and Google Authorship Case Study

Google Plus impacts search and Google Authorship Sweetens the deal. Learn how it all works in this comprehensive 3 week study that isolates the impact of G+

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Its good when your G+ Post shows up in the organic search results and its double whammy when you WP page and your Plus Post both own a page 1 SERP for a keyword phrase likemonetize social media marketing

SEO: A Reality Check for Your Business

As the world of Search Engine Optimization evolves over time, the topic of SEO appears to becoming more complicated in the eyes of many of you who operate

Level343s insight:You have probably heard that SEO is all about “OnPage” and “OffPage” considerations. To expand, that SEO is about the links, tags and keywords on your web page-(onpage) and about the backlinks and PageRank that your site achieves through being linked to by other web sites-(offpage) That is about as descriptive of SEO as saying that Microsoft Windows is a bunch of C++ coded instantiated objects linked to a file allocation table through a both abstracted machine layer of hardware drivers and a graphical user interface. This may be true, but is THAT what you think of if I say “Windows”? Duh? SEO suffers from the same misunderstanding as Social Media. It is an activity. It is a function. It is a tool to accomplish specific marketing goals through a systematic set of available options and choices for how you choose to communicate the value proposition of your business. Got that?

Google+ Help – Official support page

Help Center Homepage:

Almost all you need to know about Google+.

The Importance of Social for SEO

“SEO and use of Social Media are essential to success.On their own, they’re only a piece of the puzzle, and only doing one may not produce the results you want”.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a form of marketing through which a company’s website, or piece of content on a website, reaches a higher ranking on search engines to maximize visibility to consumers thereby creating a higher probability of traffic, which can later translate to sales and/or interaction depending on your business goals.

This is accomplished through creation of “do follow” links within a number of different arenas.While there’s more to making a web-based company successful than just good SEO, it is a very important part of getting clicks and page views.

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Social Shares is the Future of SEO • You are the Brand so you need to make sure your is set-up Properly

Using Google Analytics to Measure Social Media Effectiveness

From company blogs to Pinterest boards, social media and content marketing integration is a must-do for today’s businesses. Strategic content marketing

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You cant Manage it • if you dont Measure it

Setting up Conversion Goals in GA is Step #1

  • What content on your site gets shared the most?
  • Which of the top 6 Socials account for the most visits?
  • What longtails from Jepack bring the most visits to your site?

Visit for) Dashboard + Install

  • Social Media Dashboard
  • Small Business Dashboard

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A Data-Centric Approach To Identifying 404 Pages Worth Saving

A critical part of doing a site or link audit is checking to see how many 404 (page not found) pages there are in a site.

Level343s insight:This is a keeper, great job by Annie Cushing. That’s no big deal if we’re talking about just 20 to 30 pages. But, when a site has 404 pages in the thousands, and you tell the developers to fix these pages, you’re going to look more than a little ridiculous. So, how can you find out which of those 404 pages are actually important?

How To Perform A Website SEO Audit

An SEO audit is a great way to determine the current optimization state of your website and see what you need to improve. It’s also shows you the SEO strategy of your competition and how you can outdo them.

Level343s insight:Much of the key information for a website SEO assessment is available for free on the web and by inspecting your site’s source code. But to make it even easier and avoid having to look through website source code, you can use Firefox Toolbars that give you all of the information you need instantly.

Improve Search Results With Your Google+ Profile – NewRayCom

Google+ Profiles and Pages are treated like regular web sites by Google Search.

Blue Yeti Pro, Multi-Pattern Microphone great for Hangouts on Air

With so many microphones on the marketing it can be tough to find the right one for your podcast. Take a look at the Blue Yeti Pro, one of the best microphones on the market for the price.

Jaana Nyströms insight:I just bought one!

7 Essential Ways You Can Use Google+ to Build a Web Presence

Google+ is more than a social network, its the fabric that connects Googles properties. Here are 7 tips & techniques you can use to build web visibility.

Jaana Nyströms insight:A bit heavy on the SEO side, still very useful info.